Baracca & Burattini B&B 23005
Digital distribution: The Orchard (Sony Music)
CD release: G.T. Music distribution

23.oct.2023 Building Homes (single release)
03.nov.2023 Dormiveglia (album release)
16.nov.2023 Live showcase with Stick Men (Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto, Markus Reuter) at Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.

"I don't make music, I make it happen" - this has always been Marco Machera's motto. Musician by night, translator by day (or vice versa), he releases new music when he has a reason to do so, in opposition with the business-oriented logic of the music industry. "Dormiveglia" is a reflection on ingenuity and nowadays’ artists, on the crack between imagination and reality which gives life to the mystery – the lucid dream of creation.

“Dormiveglia” features Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto, as well as contributions from Steve Jansen (former member of seminal Japan) and other incredible musicians from around the world.

The video for the song Building Homes was created through artificial intelligence, although "guided" by Marco Machera and artist Alessandra Condello, who constantly investigates the dialogic relationship between traditional art and artificial intelligence. The main objective was to highlight the "mistakes" of AI: the imperfections that bring the resulting images to life, often with a disturbing feel around them.



  1. Dearest Fools 3’41”
  2. Lost + Found 3’41”
  3. Building Homes 4’09”
  4. Within The Words 4’11”
  5. Dormiveglia 4’44”
  6. Trains (They Might Have Been There) 3’37”
  7. The Empty Mind 5’54”
  8. The Nest 4’00”
  9. Did You Get What You Wanted? 4’05”
Lyrics and music by Marco Machera


Produced by Marco Machera
Executive production by Baracca & Burattini, G.T. Music, 28 Arte Colectivo
Mixed and mastered by Francesco Zampi and Marco Machera
Additional treatments by Bill Munyon
Recorded at Trevirés Home Studio in Brussels, Belgium, between 2019 and 2022. Additional recordings took place in studios across Italy, Mexico, England, USA.

Artwork by Anna Malina
Photography by Yussel Estrada
Model: Alexia Frangos

Trains (They Might Have Been There) is dedicated to the loving memory of Andrea Gastaldello

Special thanks to Paolo Bedini at Baracca & Burattini and Vannuccio Zanella at G.T. Music.


BUILDING HOMES (feat. Tony Levin & Pat Mastelotto)